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2017 Tassei Cup Karate Tournament
Sunday, 21st May 2017

Sydney Olympic Park – Hall of Legends

Entry Form – Tassei Cup 2017

Dear Students and/or Parents,

The Australian Institute of Karate, our Dojo is hosting the Tassei Cup 2017 Tournament (Sunday 21st May) at Sydney Olympic Park, Hall of Legends.

Please lock this date into your diary, as it is important that ALL students do their utmost to attend and participate. Tournament participation counts towards higher grading levels and is registered on your card. Parent volunteers are also required for different divisions if you would like to help.

Little Dragons are usually over by 11am but encouraged, if available, to watch and learn from the older children. Kata divisions are usually over by about lunch time. If your divisions are completed you are free to go. However, many students chose to stick around, support their dojo-mates and lend a hand.

There are divisions for beginners to expert from Little Dragons to our over 50 competitors. Without fail everyone that steps up, challenges themselves and gets involved walks away having enjoyed themselves and taking something positive away with them.

Register online now: https://snips.sandersnoonan.com:888/entryform
Alternatively, print out an entry and hand it in at the dojo.
Entry Form – Tassei Cup 2017


Five reasons why we expect all students to participate:

  1. The event gives students the opportunity to display their skills to family, peers and friends. It is an outlet for all the e ort and hard work put in at the dojo and its fun and challenging.

  2. Players are placed in divisions with students of a similar age and grade giving everyone an opportunity.

  3. All players receive a certificate of participation recognising their effort. Trophies and/or medals are awarded to place getters.

  4. Our tournaments are specific to our Chito Ryu Karate Style and are a great opportunity to build relationships with students from other dojos.

  5. Students learn through participation, gain confidence and achieve goals.


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12th International Soke Cup, 2017

Planning Dates

Fri. August 11th – International meeting, Officials clinic & Officials meeting
Sat. August 12th – Tournament
Sun. August 13th – Tournament & Farewell party

Venue: Kumamoto Sogo Gymnasium (a gym in Kikuchi has also been reserved)

The age groups and divisions will be the same as those planned for this year’s Soke
Competitors 60 years of age and older will be able to compete in both the Master’s A
kata and kumite divisions. Also, competitors in the Master’s B divisions (40~59
years) can participate in the adult black belt divisions. However, these competitors
must sign a waiver form and accept personal responsibility for any injuries that may

There will be a weigh-in for both the adult men’s and women’s kumite divisions.