Whether you are looking for self defence, a reason to quit smoking, flexibility, overall health or a host of other reasons we all need motivation to gets started and keep going.  Beginning Martial Arts training is the perfect catalyst for change.

Although Karate has long been associated with personal discipline and commitment you don’t need those qualities to start. It is through training the Martial Arts that you can develop those character traits in your life and that will lead to many other broader life changes.  So don’t wait until you stop smoking or lose a few extra kilos because you will probably never start.  Start your Karate experience and your training will assist you in achieving the goals you desire.

Our Instructors are very sensitive to the needs of beginners, so you wont start by being pushed beyond your limits.  Many of our classes are filled with others just starting their Martial Arts journey so you wont feel your the only new person in the class.  We recognise that there are Martial Arts traditions that our new students will be unfamiliar with so you will be introduced to those in a meaningful way, you wont be critised for not knowing.

It’s always hard starting something new but, all you need to do is call or come down to the centre (Dojo) and see just how easy it really is to get started in the Martial Arts.

Adults begin Martial Arts training for a very wide variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common ones:square1

  • Self-defence
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • An activity for the whole family
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • To be part of a positive support network of like minded people and make new friends
  • Personal development
  • Competition

If you feel you are: not fit enough, too old, not flexible enough, uncoordinated or fearful of being the only one in the group that doesn’t know what to do. Then the best thing you can do is get started right now, because Karate is exactly what you need!

Our existing teens and adults program is enjoyed by students from:

  • 13 – 64 years of age
  • A mix of men and women
  • A variety of levels from white to black belt