Our Martial Arts lessons for children include age specific Karate classes for: crocodile

  • Kindy / preschool children – Little Dragons
  • Primary age children – Karate Kids
  • Teenagers – Power Karate


“Your child will become part of a group of like-minded young individuals, where personal excellence is encouraged, respect & self discipline are fostered and anti-social behaviour such as drug taking is considered stupid not cool.” Renshi Mike Noonan (6th Degree Black Belt)


In a very competitive world your children need an edge. Many of the valuable lessons that your child will learn through their Karate training will strengthen other areas of their lives. With your commitment, you will see your child reach his/her Black Belt and achieve the personal levels of excellence that are associated with that rank.

Karate is great fun for kids; your child will be socially interacting with children of a similar age in a controlled safe environment.



Your child’s ability to identify their goals and then break them down into step by step achievable pieces will be critical to their future success. The Australian Institute of Karate’s Black Belt Program teaches your child the value of hard work; our course specifically sets children up to pass their gradings through our monthly assessment process. Setting children up for success in this manner reinforces achievement through diligence and personal review. As children advance through the belt system they recognise that they possess the ability to achieve what they are prepared to focus on.



Whilst we deter children from actually fighting, there are occasions when your child may need to defend themselves. The Australian Institute of Karate gives children a solid grounding in how to deal with potential threats and is licensed to use the Bully Buster System Anti-Bullying Program. Children learn how to deal with bullies through self confidence and assertion rather than needing to fight.


Confidence and awareness are a direct result of learning how to defend yourself. As your children grow and begin to go out with friends parents find that having a son or daughter that is competent at defending themselves gives them greater personal security.


Self-discipline is one of the greatest life skills you can give your children. More and more parents are becoming disillusioned by the levels of discipline taught in society.

The Martial Arts has long been associated with the path to personal discipline and the Institute’s policy is in keeping with that tradition. As your child progresses through the belt ranks, getting closer and closer to Black Belt, our emphasis on their behaviour and habits outside of the Dojo (training centre) increase. In practical terms Black Belts need to clean up their own mess, respect their parents and be aware of their behaviour at all times.



Whilst we deter children from All children need exercise and Karate provides a unique balance of strengthening, stretching, motor skills development, balance, cardio workout and coordination – all that your child requires. The Institute’s Principal Renshi (Master Teacher) Mike Noonan has been very concerned with the amount of children that seem to have poor posture, (experts relate some forms of chronic back pain to poor posture), and as a result the Institute’s Instructors spend time correcting children’s posture, developing the muscles critical for good posture and explaining to children the need to “sit up straight”.