The founder of modern Chito-Ryu was Doctor Tsuyoshi Chitose, or O’Sensei as he was affectionately known by his students. He was born in Naha City in Okinawa, 18th Oct 1898.

O’Sensei studied the various Okinawan martial arts. One discipline, which originated in Shuri City, a town of nobles and samurai, was called Shuri no Te (now known as Shorin-Ryu). The second discipline, which originated in Naha City , a commercial town, was known as Naha no Te ( now known as Shorei-Ryu).

  • The History of Chitokai | Chitokai karate traces its ancestry back to the ancient martial arts of the Tang Dynasty in China (618 – 907AD) These martial arts were brought to Okinawa and passed on through the diligence and thoroughness of many past masters.