The term Martial Arts has a broad meaning encompassing, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu or Gung Fu, Judo, Silat, Aikido, Jiujutsu (Jujutsu, Jujitsu), Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Ninjutsu, Hapkido and Tai Chi. Collectively the Japanese Martial Arts are summarised by the term Budo (Warrior Way), in the West we have called them Fighting Arts or Martial Arts.

Karate alone has many styles within it. Some of the more prominent ones in Australia include Chito-Ryu, Shotokan , Kyokushin, Kempo and Go Kan Ryu (GKR Karate). square2

It is widely recognised that the Martial Arts have far reaching benefits that go beyond the self defence aspects. Participants learning the Martial Arts worldwide attest to an overall improved lifestyle from their training.

These benefits include: physical benefits such as improved fitness, higher energy levels, greater strength and flexibility; mental benefits include stress relief, strong focus, concentration, clarity of thought and the development of character traits such as self discipline, self control and self confidence. Additional benefits reveal themselves in everyday life in a wide variety of ways including: weight loss, back pain relief and the strength to give up smoking, improved grades at school and better time management.

Choosing the right Martial Art can get confusing. Irrespective of which Martial Art you as a potential student may wish to learn, whether Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu or some of the lessor known fighting systems; your decision needs to be based on the quality of the teaching staff, the facility and the curriculum content.

At The Australian Institute of Karate, our highly skilled and experienced staff can help you discover the benefits of Martial Arts and improve your health and lifestyle.